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Come sign up on the new forum www. The biggest complaint about FMS has always been the lack of realism, well when you download new scenery's and models it solves alot of the problem, its no where near as realistic as the more expensive sims but Flight simulators are mainly just to teach you the basics of controlling the heli. Every model in FMS handles and responds different, there are quite a few that are very realistic.

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A great alternative to buying another sim. I've been collecting them so that I can put them all in one place so that others may download the files too free. This is all for 2. Fav Helis 28 - mediafire.

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Drive - Program Files - FMS - "Models" or "Landscapes" If any menus pop up asking if you would like to replace any files, click "Yes to all" After they are done extracting, everything is finished and the new models and landscapes will be ready for use. You will need Versions 2. You may also need a video card, it will depend on your comp.

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Try turning "Fixed Viewing Position" off, the heli won't always be centered in the middle of the screen, pretty cool, I didn't like it but I'm sure some others will. Please first download "fmsdisk Please Open or Run the "fmsdisk This will now install the actual software into your computer system, please install English version for most people.

fms flight simulator for Mac free download

It will display information under " Joystick 1 " and " Joystick 2 ". Please hit " Ok " button to get back to previous menu.

Now click on the " Calibrate " button. The " Next " button will come up.

Please return the Left joystick to the South Position, throttle all the way down. The right joystick is spring loaded in all directions, so that stick just stays in the middle once you leave it alone. Not touching any joystick, notice how Channel 3 is all Blue or all White, Because your throttle is all the way down.

Channel 1, 2, and 4 are about Middle, beause your JoySticks are in the middle. Please now click the " Next " button and the " Finish " button. You will need to exit out of the Menu Boxes and get back to your Run-Way with Helicopter or Airplane, by clicking on the " Ok " button s. Follow the above picture, Please click on " Model ", then click on " Load ", then open up the " Model " Folder and load any Heli or Plane file.

Heli or Plane are listed as. If they are not please go back and double check your configuration, maybe something wasn't set right. Extra Stuff up vs. Please go back to Step 4. The other 3 slider bars should remain in the middle. If you do not, you WILL get an error message "missing a file [blah blah] d3drm.


Please download the below file: It's written for Windows and is free to download and use. After reading about a way of getting the recommended Version running in vista I decided to try and apply that same solution in Wine. After installing FMS Version 2. What else can I try to get the video working properly?

I'm using Wine 1.

Flying Model Simulator b7 - Download

Adv Reply. July 28th, 2. Originally Posted by Gyrotwister. FMS is a popular simulator for practicing flying model aircraft. August 3rd, 3.

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The sound works. The behind the scenes number crunching seems to work OK too because the altimeter and airspeed readings indicate the model actually flies. LinuxRocks, you seem quite adamant that it can't be done but you haven't stated how you formed your conclusion. Can any one else suggest anything? Perhaps some more dll files?

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