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  1. No Jumbo Frame support - DroboPro - Drobo
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But if I remove the option it works fine but defaults to FreeNAS 9. Joined May 29, Messages 11, Using jumbo frames is not advisabl e, especially in the situation you describe. The support for jumbo comes from the underlying ethernet device drivers, so, yes, the driver needs to be configured for it. Layering LAGG on top of that adds some complexity and the virtual interface also needs to be configured for jumbo here you do want to use , but in doing so you're creating a situation where you are exercising poorly-tested codepaths in unusual configurations, which is not a good idea.

It's quite possible that using LAGG in this configuration will result in reduced performance, so unless you are trying to accomplish something like failover between two switches, I will note that both LAGG and jumbo frames are areas of networking that are fraught with peril, and you may find yourself spending lots of time debugging arcane issues. Thanks for the reply! It's for video editing and the manufacture suggested using Jumbo frames but maybe, as you say, it's not worth the time dealing with the issues that might arise. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, But the real gotcha is that layering a virtual device like lagg on top of a high performance physical device may actually incur a significant penalty.

With modern hardware, you are quite possibly better off just going with two separate 10G networks and putting an interface on each one, and running half your clients on each. It will certainly be easier to set up and probably offer better performance. Joined Dec 9, Messages Alan Hillier, Brett Kelly, and the crew at 45Drives came up with a bunch of kernel tunables and 10Gb tweaks for us. Maybe in the 's. All on Freenas 9 through We were able to have editors working simultaneously without problems.

At some points, there were probably editors working off it at the same time. We are now back to previous performance for a NAS. If you have moved on to Fedora 21, and are still experiencing this issue, please change the version to Fedora If you experience different issues, please open a new bug report for those. The upstream Intel maintainer hasn't deviated from it. The upstream sourceforge bug has been closed out by an Intel maintainer.

We aren't going to do anything in Fedora here. If a change happens, it needs to happen upstream. I will open a new report. You can open a new report if you'd like, but from a Fedora standpoint this is still an upstream issue. That's not what my comment meant. The upstream bug report was closed improperly. It is working its way into mainline.

Using Advanced Mode:. Thunderbolt to Ethernet functionality allows the Thunderbolt port to act as an Ethernet connection. It is recommended that users use Qfinder Pro to set up Thunderbolt to Ethernet.

No Jumbo Frame support - DroboPro - Drobo

To set up T2E manually without Qfinder Pro :. Rebooting the Mac will undo these settings. This command adds two lines to the sysctl.

To access the Internet, set TSO to 0 default value is 1 :. DHCP Server.

Mac 10.5 8 update download

System Default Gateway. You can choose to have the system automatically detect the default gateway or manually set the interface as the default gateway:. You can choose to use port trunking for multiple LAN connections. It is designed to enhance Ethernet networking throughput and reduce the CPU utilization of large file transfers by enabling more efficient larger payloads per packet.

Tap into extra Ethernet speed

The NAS uses standard Ethernet frames bytes by default. If your network appliances support Jumbo Frames, select the appropriate MTU value for the network environment. Refer to the software specification page on the QNAP website for further details. Select auto-negotiation and the NAS will automatically select the transfer rate.

Otherwise, the function may not work properly. Select a Port Trunking mode. See the Port Trunking options table below for option details. General switches Balance-alb [Adaptive Load Balancing] Supported by using general switch Balance-alb is similar to balance-tlb but also attempts to redistribute incoming receive load balancing for IPV4 traffic. Supports Contact your ISP for the prefix and the prefix length information. Contact the ISP or network administrator for this information. If IPv6 auto configuration is selected, leave the fields as "::".

Why Go Jumbo?

There are three methods available:. To do so, please first set up authentication in "Domain Security". Wired connections will always provide greater stability and performance. Secured network The Wi-Fi network requires a network key. Connect Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Set Jumbo Frames (MacOS X)

Edit Edit the connection information. Disconnect Disconnect from the Wi-Fi network. Remove Delete the Wi-Fi network profile. Show all Show all Display all available Wi-Fi networks. Incorrect key The entered security key is incorrect. Auto connect Automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network. Enter the network name SSID of the wireless network and select the security type.

Type in the security key. To edit IP address settings, click "Edit". WEP encryption must be used on Windows 7. Connect one of the four ports Port to to an external network or a default gateway and connect your local devices to any of the remaining three ports. Since the default option is Switch mode, if this is your first time setting up this mode, you may skip Steps 2 and 3. Make sure that none of the four ports Port to is connected to an external network or a default gateway.

Select the adapters to connect to the Virtual Switch. It is recommended to enable the Spanning Tree Protocol to avoid bridge loops. Click Apply. Choose to use a dynamic, static, or no IP address for the Virtual Switch. The lease time refers to the time that an IP address is leased to the clients. During that time, the IP address will be reserved to the assigned client.

When the lease time expires, the IP address can be assigned to another client.

Refer to the DNS Server section in this chapter for more information. Optional: Run the following commands in Terminal as an administrator on your MAC to temporarily change your network settings:. Run the following command in Terminal as an administrator on your MAC to permanently apply the settings:. To revert to the default settings, use Qfinder Pro or Terminal to set net.

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This issue does not affect Thunderbolt 3 with Windows. Select the interface to set as DHCP server. Fill out the fields below:. Both physical adapters and virtual switches can be assigned. To assign the primary and secondary default gateways, tick the option "If this adapter cannot reach the network, the system will use this second priority as the default gateway.