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  1. Powerful features for radio and TV stations.
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Integration of existing music libaray was quite easy. Is nice and easy. The skin is clear and simple. The layout is simple. Very helpful YouTube videos. Incredible functionality given it is free with optional paid plugins and donations. It's replacing Mairlist. Easy to use!

Powerful features for radio and TV stations.

What more could you want? It is a very quick download and seems very easy to use. I like the way that the library is easy to set up and use.

The database is much simpler to operate than RadioDJ. Encoder works well. Simple click to get broadcasting. I LOVE the track list and easy access to searching out a track. No need to reboot regularly like some apps. No need for MySQL. Keep up the good work, I'm truly amazed that the software is free as most are not. I'm just automatically on air Easy to build a playlist. I love the segue editor, that is a really fantastic feature.

Radio dj software for mac free

The drag-and-drop music feature is also fantastic. I like the multiple sound card support. It has very commercial appeal. User interface in both Live Assist and Decks mode is very easy to use. Ideal for new presenters who find Rivendell confusing. I can slot voice tracks in where needed and go live for the rest. It's so versatile and user friendly! So much better than some other programs.

Radio Station Automation Software – Spacial

Can get it up and running in very short time - very short learning curve. Excellent, courteous and timely support. Best bang-for-buck in the radio universe. I like the fact that you can use it with multiple sound cards. I like how fast it can search through 19, tracks. I like the track groups to help organize music by genre. Good sound. Clean and uncluttered layout. Much more robust than some of the competitor products that we have looked at. Easy to get the "older" DJs to understand what it does.

Best Software For Broadcasting Live

I like the way you can create filtered groups. Easy to find tracks in the database. It is a breeze to use, it is a real help when it comes to outside road-shows. The automatic audio processing makes importing tracks really simple, you can even drag and drop them in! The program is very close to the old Scott Studios AXS program we used in broadcasting when automation first came out.

It's helpful for going on air and just listening to music on my computer, great software!

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The clock feature is especially helpful for a small radio or audio blog operation. Being able to reschedule a clock on the calendar saves having to recreate a pattern that you use regularly. I love the quickcarts feature, I can play my sound effects easier. Playout system is good, similar to that which I used in radio in the past.

Seems to be fairly stable. Very happy with it. Simple interface with a short learning curve.

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Does what it says on the tin. Rivendell on Linux is too complex sometimes. Also its great that its free as the station is just beginning to think about funding. Comprehensive user manual and it's free. Topping and tailing music is a very pleasant bonus. After trying out other software, PlayIt Live offers everything which a radio station needs for playing music. The presenters love working on the system - very easy to learn and never have any problems! I've been looking for this software for about 5 years, and couldn't be happier.

Selection, ordering and playing of songs is simple. Single file list for audio database not multiple pages. Instant players. Furthermore, the design looks simple but not too overloaded which is very important for beginners and new users. Clear on-screen format. Simple and quick to install server details. Easy to use the music scheduling system.


Easy to add songs to queue. Mic plugin available to "lock talk. The decks are assignable to different output devices. Easy to understand. Very easy to use. Support forum is brilliant too. Like the carts. The ease of use and the design of the interface. Perfect for our outside broadcasts! Ideal for professionals and amateurs. They layout is pretty good. It was very easy to imports songs and get things up and running in a few minutes. I'm glad I found the software. The price can't be beat and the developer really does a good job with the support services.

Radio Broadcasting Software

Auto track analysis. It's not top-heavy with unnecessary add-ons, modules, or plug-ins that can cause lockups. It's not "clunky" or "buggy. Straight forward.

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Use at your own risk! For live broadcasting music. Includes various modules Jingles, Calendar, Playlists, Events etc. Free multi OS streaming tool. This is the best tool to use if you are using external equipment such as DJ controllers, CD players, Mixers, etc.